A professional exchange platform for cryptocurrency traders
A professional exchange platform for cryptocurrency traders

GOLOBEX is a crypto exchange with advanced security algorithms. Lots of unique features were implemented at the client's request. From unique design, intuitive UI, and well-thought UX, to blockchain-powered smart contracts and a sophisticated referral system.

• Discovery
• User Experience Design
• Web Application
• Internal Application Design
• Systems Integration
• Technical Planning
• Quality Assurance
We've developed the entire project from the creation of technical documentation to solving legal issues. To meet safety expectations, we've reached the sustained workload and built the unique structure that prevents hacker attacks. We've also set up synchronization with cold wallets and listing of new coins. The whole development process was flexible which allowed us to achieve even better results. Implementing additional modules made it possible to bring the capabilities of the architecture closer to a microservice one.

Totally happy with our cooperation. We've got a sustainable blockchain platform, which is so popular among users from all over the world.
Golobex management team