Mobile app that connects mom-approved college students to busy families needing help with childcare, pet care & more
Busy moms. Busy dads. Busy households.

This project didn't start like most others. A group of moms had a problem finding reliable and trustworthy babysitters. People have a hard time finding babysitters if they don't have a friend who knows one. Going online is not an option because it is not trustworthy. They wondered if this could be solved through the 'gig economy' concept by creating an application that will connect other moms with babysitters in an easy and convenient way.

• Discovery
• User Experience Design
• Mobile Application
• Internal Application Design
• Systems Integration
• Technical Planning
• Quality Assurance
They wanted "Uber for Babysitting", an app that could generate revenue for them and accomplish an important social function at the same time. They wanted to create a platform that other parents could trust and use to find a babysitter for their kids. This app should keep track of friends who use each babysitter and the babysitters would have to be vetted by the parents and personally invited to join the system.

Unlike other clients, they were not organized as a business. They had no IT department and there were no technical specialists among them. They needed our help with transforming a basic idea into a fully deployed piece of software that could be used by real people and generate revenue. They relied on us to identify what needed to be done and guide them through the entire process from start to finish.
We were four moms who had totally different careers and this was our first step into tech. We needed someone who was patient and understanding while we all stumbled through it. Ribbonfalls helped us bring our app to life
- Annie Kentris Arthur
CEO & Co-Founder at Juggle
Development process
We started with an initial discovery phase. That involved taking all of the features they wanted and separating the bare minimum features they would need to make revenue. The identified feature set included:
A mobile application that served as the connection point between the customer and babysitter
A dashboard where the parents could personally onboard babysitters they met and vetted
An ability for customers to search for babysitters based on area and activity required (babysitting, cleaning, cooking, etc.) on the app
A review system so good babysitters would 'rise to the top' while bad babysitters were filtered out of the system
An ability for babysitters to sign up and book their schedule on
the app
A payment processing system that allowed customers to pay babysitters via credit card on the mobile app as well as allowing the client to get a cut of all the sales made through the app automatically
Based on these features proposed and confirmed by the client, we created a low fidelity prototype that was presented to potential babysitters and customers so that feedback could be collected. We received great feedback and refined the prototypes accordingly. Final prototypes were turned into high fidelity mockups and a 'click through' app created in InVision. With this being done we finalized a quote for the software and explained the detailed budget to the client.
After all necessary approvals, we developed the Juggle app in demonstratable iterations so the client was able to show it to prospective users as soon as possible. When the app was released, we supported the client, constantly meeting to fix post-launch bugs, add small features, and provide minor support.
To ensure the best performance and compatibility, we built a native iOS application in Objective-C that served as the mobile front end. For the backend API and database, we used Ruby-on-Rails. To build the dashboard that parents use to onboard babysitters and store photo IDs for compliance purposes, we used Angular. Finally, Stripe was used for all payment processing.
Project outcomes:
• Launched mobile application and got the first 10000+ app downloads.
• Project cost was about $30k. Saved 3X on mobile app development.
• The development took several months.