IGF Fund
A tokenized crypto fund based on smart contracts
A tokenized crypto fund based on smart contracts

This crypto investment fund management software was created in close cooperation with the client to implement their ideas on a transparent and accessible investment solution. Special attention was paid to eliminating possible vulnerabilities by implementing secure smart contracts and rigorous testing.

• Discovery
• User Experience Design
• Web Application
• Internal Application Design
• Systems Integration
• Technical Planning
• Quality Assurance
IGF Fund commissioned Ribbonfalls to develop an efficient tool from scratch. We needed to build powerful and user-friendly functionality, ease investment issues and make crypto investments safe.

Due to our strong experience in blockchain development, together with the customer, we've built a transparent and accessible investment tool. The cryptocurrency fund is going smoothly thus far. Smart contracts have demonstrated no vulnerabilities.

It is not our first project with Ribbonfalls. At this time, development of several projects is going hand-in-hand. We're going to keep moving on in the same fighting mood.
IGF management team