Mobile app enabling users to quickly find and engage professional attorneys for their specific cases
It brings access to legal services to a new level

The customer needed to create a mobile application for online attorney searches. The ultimate goal was to allow users to find professional legal assistance at any time and in any situation.


• Discovery
• User Experience Design
• Mobile Application
• Internal Application Design
• Systems Integration
• Technical Planning
• Quality Assurance
Ribbonfalls designed an app with an intuitive interface for iOS and Android platforms. The users have access to database of more than 45,000 certified attorneys. They can select an attorney based on his/her specialization, rating, location relative to the user, and customer feedback. The Advocat24 solution also provides a service cost estimate and handles billing.

The app is equipped with an emergency attorney search button, which allows you to quickly find professional legal assistance at any time of the day and in any situation.

We've got the on-demand app that connects attorneys and users. It is really easy-to-use, fast and secure. As a result, our company was able to enter a new niche market, reduce cost-per-service, increase positive customer experience and profits.
Advocat management team