Birthday card app for iPhone and iPad
Birthday card app for iPhone and iPad

Apps-O-Rama is a birthday reminder app, its users never miss their friends' birthdays again. They can easily and creatively create birthday cards right from the system. The app is supported by advertising but also includes a subscription model that gives premium users access to additional features and removes ads.

• User Experience Design
• Mobile Application (iOS, iPad)
• Internal Application Design
• Systems Integration
• Technical Planning
• Quality Assurance
We created an application for iOS that allows users to see friends' birthdays in chronological order (past, present and future), get reminders via push notification on the actual day of a birthday, and browse through a selection of free greeting cards. Premium users are also able to send VIP cards.

We're really glad we've picked you guys to create our app. The app is intuitive, well designed and fun to use. And above all, it receives enthusiastic user feedback.
Apps-O-Rama management team